“Don’t Tell Me About Love, Don’t Tell Me About Rights” – Anesia Baptiste


Two gay men, (Vincentians Sean MacLeish, 53 and Javin Johnson, 22) recently challenged the constitutionality of the law that criminalizes buggery in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

A separate article stated that the men claimed they had to seek asylum internationally (MacLeish in the US and Johnson in the UK) as they could not live here as gay men.

Speaking on the WakeUpCall on Xtreme Fm with Christal and Tha Fugitive via phone call on Monday (Jul. 29), Leader of the Democratic Republic Party (DRP), Anesia Baptiste manifested her disagreement with amending the buggery law, although she admitted that it is the direction in which the country is headed. Baptiste said that the law addresses the act as an offense, not a specific person termed or claimed to be ‘homosexual or LGBT’. She said, “it refers to a specific act that a person should not do at a specific time.”

Baptiste argued that the claimants’ issue is not privacy or consent; their issue is wanting the country to legitimize their preferential sex act.

Baptiste, who holds a degree in law proclaimed things that will follow if the buggery law is removed/amended.

  • Public affection – Baptiste stated, if the laws were to be amended, the LGBT community would then claim equal exposure rights in public.
  • Same sex marriage – “If their type of sex is legitimized by law, they would then want to bind their agreement by act of marriage. Therefore, seeking to legalize same sex marriages” Baptiste said.
  • Adjustment to Education – Anesia Baptiste mentioned, if this law were to be removed, the LGBT community would want to be accepted in all areas and rally for their gender and lifestyle to be taught in schools. She made reference to the uprising of ‘drag queens’ that make appearances at schools in the US.
  • Gay pride parade will come – “Our act is now legitimized by the law of the land so we can prance around in the street, however we want to dress.”
  • Decimalization of incest laws could follow – Baptiste stated that individuals could argue that “my brother and I are both consenting adults, we want to have same sex, incest sex. We’re doing it in the privacy of our home, not troubling anybody.
  • Bigamy – “If I marry one man, then I can have another to marry.”
  • Bestiality – “I chose to have sex with my dog, I am caring for it, although it can not consent”.
  • Prostitution – “I chose to sell sex to her, she choses to sell sex to me” Baptiste mentioned that this would even apply to heterosexual relationships as it would be argued; two consenting adults in privacy are allowed to have sex. Then one should be allowed to sell and one allowed to buy.

Baptiste further mentioned that following the potential removal of the buggery law, the LGBT community will call on the Government to impose a hate speech act, so persons like herself who profess Christianity and speak out and are vocal in saying homosexuality is not right, will no longer be able to express those views because it is a form of violence against them.

The DRP leader informed that if the buggery law were to be removed, then other sexual offense laws would be reconsidered if not removed as well.

The female politician expressed her displeasure in the topic of discussion. “The anus was not meant for penetration. That causes tears in the organs and allows for fecal matter to enter into the blood stream. That causes sickness.”

When asked by one of the co-hosts, what if they love each other, Baptiste responded saying, “don’t tell me about love, don’t tell me about rights, because you cant live a healthy life when you have sickness as a result of that kind of practice. It’s not natural.”

“But if you do it, you do it”. “Why force the country by our law to legitimize the act?” she ended.


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