Galaxii By Farr

galanaireBorn Jason Ricardo Bess ,Galaxii by Farr Formally known as Galanaire Avalaunche is a gifted Vincentian. He is recognized as one of the most versatile yet unpredictable persons in whatever he does. Galanaire initially sparked interest in music as a child and developed a passion for the elements within different musical arrangements, as his ears became sensitive to melodies , vocals, drums and other instruments. As he grew older he started composing his own music and by the time he was a young teen he was discovering a variety of musical cultures.

Music Career

After finishing school he was introduced to some of the top music producers in the nation and this helped him to develop his musical Gift mainly in sound technology, vocal training, singing, writing and producing. He quickly became a well known for recording soca hits with songs which placed high in national competitions. Now he mainly writes, produces and mixes music under his newly formed Imprint LOUDGENCE MUSIC.

Radio Broadcasting Career

While recognized as a musician in early 2000 Galaxii by Farr started a professional career in radio broadcasting and now has over 12 years experience as a radio personality and DJ on St Vincent and the Grenadines Top Radio Stations and St Lucia by extension.

He brings passion, with clarity and range variation in his voice on the mic that is unmatched. He gets his vibe and energy from the music that is being played and easily knows a hit and chart topping song when he hears it. His aim is to relate good music with his listeners. You can hear him WEEKDAYS ON X104.3FM.

Voice-Over Artiste

He is a genius in the studio as a professional voice over artiste. Specializing in voicing and producing commercials for clients locally, throughout the Caribbean, in the USA, Canada and the UK. On a daily basis before or after touching the radio he is hard at work in his studio but still finds time to do other meaningful things.


Music, Fashion, Art, Poetry, Nature, Fine dining.
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