Simple Sounds Family

This is a group driven by an irrepressible and relentless passion for music! Energetic and Extra-Hyped are two words that describe Simple Sounds Family perfectly. They are one of the most dominant DJ team in SVG!

Dj Flip, de Maestro born Codrian Simmons and Simple –X born Hans Edwards are the two members of the SSF team.

Dj Flip is a teacher by profession.He has always had a passion for music and entertaining people. Having established his name as a finalist in the green Synergy DJ competition in 2010,he has since elevated his djing standing to impressive heights. His intuitive ability to play coupled with his diverse musical knowledge sets him aside each time.

Simple X indulged his passion for music from the age of 12.Music has always been a huge part of his life. He capitialised on the opportunity to developed his djing skills in a club owned by his father. He is a natural talent with striking confidence. His juggling skills are impeccable. He never ceases to deliver

The Simple Sounds Family evolved from a common interest between DJ Flip and Simple –X to team up and performed together and to be the best.The rest was hard work anddedication that led to rapid recognition in the local entertainment industry.

SSF has had the privilege of performing at some of the biggest, clubs, events, and shows in SVG. One of the highlights of their career so far was SSF performance for Arthur GUNINESS CONCERT 2013/2014 and ALKALINE concert. Added to that, they were crowned the SOCA ON THE BEACH SOUND CLASH CHAMPIONS 2014. DJ Flip and Simple-X have been so highly demanded that they also performed on some of the biggest carnival shows in SVG from Soca Swing, Black Rave, Bucket Fete and multiple trucks on the road on carnival Monday street party.

As a team both Djs complement each other. Dj Flip is known for his voice projection and hype in controlling massive crowds of over 10,000 patrons and Simple-X is known for his quick thinking and fast juggling capabilities while keeping up the “pace”.

No matter how long SSF has to travel to get to their event, as soon as they enter the DJ booth, DeMaestro and Simple X put their energy and enthusiasm on display, giving a performance that is always second to none

Their mission is to educate, entertain and connect people through music especially the youth

Their models have been the legendary sound systems such as Bass Odyssey and Stone Love.

Their love for sports has also led to the creation of their own cricket club called the SIMPLE SOUNDS FAMILY XI.

The rise of Simple Sounds as two young men from Chateaubelair into a seasoned DUO is inspiring to many. Coming full circle from a dream to fruition to standing out …you can be assured that SSF is a force that will drive the entertainment industry for years to come.While balancing touring, playing for events in every corner of SVG, and sharing the stage with local and international artists, Simple Sounds holds down a DJ residency at Nancy’s After-work Lime in St. Vincent and a high-energy slot on Xtreme 104.3 FM.