Wiz Skid

IMG_1763My life story in music….
For those who are interested in getting to know who I am and where I started in music please continue reading because this is a long but summarized biography of me. I was born on September 28th 1990 and given the name Travis M.R. Lynch.From as early as two years old, my mother said I would take buckets and place them around me, get sticks and knock them as if I were a drummer.It was evident at that tender age, that, I had music “in me.”Later on I started playing the “bum drum” in church at the age of about nine. I was also singing in church and believe it or not, I was very good at setting a great atmosphere when ever I sang in church. At the age of 10-11, I wrote my first song, I presented it to my father (who is a song writer him self) because I wanted to know if I did everything correct and if my words made sense.I could never forget when he looked me in my face and asked “Travis you write this ?” I said “Yes!”and his reaction was “You know wha yo doing man!” Around that same age in grade 6, my teachers asked my cousin Keon Samuel(who was in my class at the time)and I to sing “Away in a manger” to the class, after singing the song,the class erupted!clapping and shouting for us. At that point,I felt confident that I had the ability to use my gift as an entertainer.The name Wiz Skid then came into play around age 14 because I was learning to become a Dj as well. At about age 15, I was attending the Emmanuel High School Kingstown and being so good in music, my music teacher at that time asked my friend Kemron Haynes and I to enter a world AIDS day song competition for the school . We had to write a song, record and submit it.  That was the first song I recorded in my life with the help of one of my now managers Lonzel Gizzmo Jones , it was called “Not Healthy.” We won that competition!From there,we went on to win the NBC Dub Rap competition in 2007. In 2008 I was introduced to Junior Sutherland and his then band “Akcess,” I was a lead vocalist in that band up to the year 2012. In 2008, I entered the Junior Soca Monarch and placed second.In addition I did my first soca single to be played on local radio called “Crazy.” It was produced by Shadee who is now one of Brooklyn’s most recognised Soca producers. I started doing soca full time from 2008 up until I was chosen to perform in the Vincy Mas Soca Monarch show in 2011 and 2012 with my songs “Hype Up” and “Hard Wuk” respectively. In 2012 I left the band Akcess and teamed with Dj Cain of Hot 97.1 SVG and some other friends to start a music group called Stereo Damage.I  started producing music and did audio engineering work full time. I did works in 2013 such as the “Sweat Fete Riddim” and all my songs that year “Whining Criminal,” “Psycho” and “Psycho Reloaded.” I Co-Produced with my manager and Co-producer at Stereo Damage Productionz Gizmo.The year 2014 was my most successful year since I ventured into producing music as a profession. I was elated to do productions with some of the people I respected the most in St Vincent’s music industry such as “Jamesy P,”  “Skinny Fabulous,” “Dj 20” and others. That said year, I did all of my productions including my first  local hit “Fettologist.”  I always tell my friends that song was God sent! I was chosen to perform in the “New song competion” at the launching of Vincy Mas 2014 where I placed second.I also entered Vincy Mas Raga Soca Monarch and came second in that category. I was awarded  the title of St. Vincent’s first  Brake Out Artist by the carnival development committee. All these achievements came from that said song “Fettologist.” I did tours in and around St Vincent and the Grenadines entertaining my growing fan base. In 2014 I also released my first reggae single called “Cry” featuring my child hood and still one of my best friends Dj Cain.I strive to do my best and I am dedicated to find ways to improve both my self and the way I use my talent. I am always willing to help where I can to make an impact on others in a positive way. Although I have been in music for about 18years I am still learning, I am not the best BUT I am me and I thank the almighty for his musical blessing because without him I have nothing.

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